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The Stories

The stories behind the portraits by Ava Neue, photographer at Division7 Studio, Vancouver, Canada

The Inspirers: Mhairi Petrovic, Founder of Out-Smarts Marketing
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My photo shoot with Mhairi (va-ri) Petrovic involved hunting for graffiti art in the streets of Gastown, was preceded by a wee dram, and followed by a superb cup of coffee. In other words: it was perfect.

Mhairi is the Founder of Out-Smarts Marketing and is dedicated to working with clients to develop and implement marketing strategies that maximize on-line exposure. She's a regular presenter at Small Business BC, and is also a judge in their annual competition to determine the best small business marketing campaign in the province. I've known her for a number of years. Her class and ethics make her a perfect fit for my series "The Inspirers".

D7: As a business person, what do you consider to be the biggest gift you offer to others?
MP: One of the reasons I started my business in 2002 was to share my knowledge with others to help them grow their business. I continue to teach social media, blogging, SEO and email marketing in public at Small Business BC and Capilano University as well as private client training engagements. It's hugely rewarding when students reach out to thank me and even better when they describe how their new skills have positively impacted their business.

D7:Which triumph has brought you the most joy?
MP: First and foremost my family, my kids are turning out to be fantastic young adults who inspire me every day, and I'm very fortunate that my husband has supported, encouraged and mentored me every step of the way. I couldn't do what I do without them.
D7: Which struggle have you learned from the most? (Same: business, personal, or both).
MP: One thing I have learned is that you're going to make mistakes big and small, and that these mistakes always have silver linings. If you're not making mistakes you're not trying hard enough. It's always important to look for the silver linings, i.e. what has this mistake helped you learn rather than chastise yourself.

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The Inspirers: Daryl Hatton, Founder and CEO of ConnectionPoint
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Daryl is the founder and CEO of award-winning crowdfunding company ConnectionPoint. He has founded multiple start-ups and helped bring one to a NASDAQ IPO. Board member / advisor to ten hot companies in Canada. Whiskey connoisseur. Mentor. Father extraordinaire.

D7:: What moves you the most about the business you’re in?

DH: Every day what we do helps people all around the world solve the funding problems for some of their biggest challenges. It is intensely gratifying, moving and humbling to hear of the things our customers have accomplished with the funds raised using our system.

D7:As a business person, what do you consider to be the biggest gift you offer to others?

DH: I’m very curious about people and the human experience. My gift is helping them experience some of that same curiousity about themselves and using it to explore their strengths and weaknesses without judgment. When they accept themselves even a little bit better they have a much greater chance of doing something extraordinary with their lives. It is SO much fun to watch!

D7: Which triumph has brought you the most joy?

DH: Doing a good job raising my kids while balancing a complicated and challenging business and personal life. Seeing the amazing people they are and the gifts they bring the world brings me to tears.

D7: Which struggle have you learned from the most?

DH: Starting a company to create a new product can be very hard. I’ve learned that truly living in higher principles (win/win, giving trust to get trust, looking for the best in people, believing that there is more than enough for everyone, trusting in the process, etc.) and focusing on long term results really does make the difference over the long haul.

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